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FGASA Marine Guide (NQF2)

The FGASA Marine Guide(NQF2) [Previously known as FGASA Level 1 Marine Guide] is able to identify the major living and non-living features of the coastal-marine environment in which s/he operates and interpret them at a level based mainly on observation and from an elementary scientific and cultural perspective.

As a general guideline, a Marine Guide(NQF2) has a sound knowledge of the history, geology, plants and animals (i.e. birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.) in the specific area of guiding operation. The FGASA Marine Guide(NQF2) must be registered with the National Department of Tourism in order to legally operate as a Nature Guide in a coastal-marine environment.

The FGASA Marine Guide(NQF2) Certificate consists of the following:

   Compulsory components 

  • Conduct a guided nature experience in a limited geographical area
  • Create a guided experience for customers
Refer to the FGASA Marine Guide (NQF2) Brochure for detailed infomation on this Qualification
View this PDF file
Marine Guide Brochure

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